Alan Llewellyn BSc - I am an experienced webdesigner, chess journalist and have 30 years experience of the club, national and international chess scene.email: cap78red@aol.com tel:07769711180

my websites i have written are the Barrow chess club website and previously the Ulverston chess club website. the barrow one can be seen here: www.barrowchessclub.co.uk

I also have this website which includes much information  on my own chess development-  www.alanllewellynchess.co.uk

I have included game naalysis and comment, puzzles including solutions, questions and answers, interactive webpages (important-due to new unecessary security features on browsers my websites produced over many years were produced to function with the internet explorer browser- it will be on your computer already).

I provide a twitch video feed on cap78red handle and can produce fun and informing articles for any local newspaper or national magazine.  I am qualified to degree level and have a hnd in computing.

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