A girl prodigy -Judith Polgar
A British Prodigy - Nigel Short
Bobby Fischer Chess Prodigy

Alan Llewellyn BSc - I am available to visit anywhere in south lakeland or Lancaster

Important note- i only work with children under suprvision from a  parent, also note i have had a mental illness in the past but i think i have been vetted by the appropiate authorities.

Adults note- I am not an escort agency and am not providing services for adult company.

I can though visit your own home providing chess lessons to a high level for any level of player from beginner to expert.

I charge a figure of 30 pound per hour for a maxinum of a 2 hours session please give details of the level of player and where you want to go forward in your chess skills.

note if the distance is over 30 miles away I charge an additional 10 pound for petrol.

please email: cap78red@aol.com   or alternatively ring: 07769711180

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