Cumbria League

I have played for various teams over the years, I played regularly for Ulverston A and for Barrow A, mostly. Ulverston A was in the 2nd Division while Barrow A are always in the first Division. But the best position in the Cumbria 1st Division I have finished as a team was 3rd with Ulverston A in around the 1994-95 season, I played board 3 I think, and I have bettered that recently having finished 2nd in the 2013-2014 season and also 2014-2015 season with Barrow A, playing board 4.
I have rarely played board 1 in the 1st Division but regularly played board 1 in Whitaker Cup and in the 2nd Division.
I have twice got through to a Whitaker Cup final and both times the team has lost, once with Ulverston in around 1994 and another time a few years back with Barrow A i.e. season 2010-2011.