In 1990 I entered the Barrow club Championship (which was a swiss system) and Knock-Out, in my first club and entering midway through I did not do that well but I got some notable scalps in those first years. I beat Anthony Kirby (a strong player-then graded 150), it was a bit of a fluke but I got the result and I was very happy with it as I was when I drew against David Siddall a 152 grade soon afterwards. In the Knock-Out Cup I did great in the first attempt reaching the Semi-Final, I have never bettered that result although I have equaled it a number of times.

In October of 1993 I moved to Ulverston Chess Club (mainly because my friend I went to the club with stopped going to the club and he gave me a lift- Ulverston Chess Club was on a more direct bus route to Dalton where I then lived) and entered their tournament which was arranged in a preliminary tournament then the top 4 going through to a Final all play all tournament Black and White(ie Double Round Robin), then the other players would play in a challengers tournament. To begin with the players were stronger than the Barrow Club with two 170 odd, grade players, and I finished 2nd between them one year. They were Barry Sanders and Barry Hymer or the two Barrys as they were known in the club.

The two Barrys both left the club and that left an opportunity for me to win the Ulverston Club Championship which I did three times during a period from 1998-2001.

After a break from Chess from 2002 till 2007 I found myself living in Barrow and I then decided to go back to the Barrow Club, I entered all its competitions which included the Barrow Club Championship and Knock-Out. My best results were early on in the Club Championship with a third placed out of about 21 players followed by an even better Runners-Up position in season 2008-2009 in which only a great run of results by Mike Mason  led to me being pipped at the post.

I have won the Club Championship Minor a number of times, ie namely two times (2007-2008 and 2011-2012). I am currently on 7.5/16 in the Barrow Club Championship for season 2013-2014. for a number of great games played in the Club Championship click here.